Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Canada

Featuring the framed original painting of “Haunted” (11×15″ Acrylic on Paper)

“Haunted” seems like Halloween inspired art, but it was painted in my early stages of trauma healing when I returned home from the hospital.

November is Canada’s Domestic Violence Awareness month. Domestic Violence is not just physical and women are more likely to be victims.

When we often say “Abuse against Women” – it’s actually passive language for describing “abuse done BY Men TO Women”

Whether they realize they are inflicting abuse or not, it’s not just experienced by a woman, but done TO her.

Throughout the next month I’ll be sharing more prevention and awareness. My experience with long term abuse and domestic violence created who I am and formed my mission to inspire empowerment & healing through my artistic expression.

Every 6 days in Canada a woman dies from domestic violence. 

This disproportionately affects indigenous women and women in other underprivileged groups.

This factor does not include harm or deaths after a woman leaves. Which could include over-dose, suicide, self-harm, PTSD, and physical or psychological or anxiety disorders.

I know of a woman in my neighborhood who is so haunted when she came home that she hears voices, lives with her parents in her 40s and is unable to work. She helps her elderly parents with the house and garden.

I am very grateful to have unconditional love and support from my parents and family during my healing journey. A safe place to repair, educate and empower myself has helped me heal and become whole again.

And so I love to inspire & help others that it’s possible to return to a state of love, trust and full potential. We all deserve to thrive and live our best life, no matter what has happened in the past 🖤💙🖤

Sending you lots of love for your own healing & empowerment journey!