An Opportunity to Rise to my Higher Self

I just finished 6 months of coaching with the amazing Chloe Saffron Gibson. 

Spiritual entrepreneurs talk about “soulmate clients” – it’s not often talked about the other way around. Chloe was my soulmate coach.

I always thought I would work with a coach; I’ve always been determined to be successful as an artist.
Not just for my art, but for my message & mission.
For my story of hope, healing and empowerment for other women. I desire to make a positive impact and to make that happen, it was time to ask for help.
I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.


I had followed Chloe for 9 months before I messaged her. I’m a quiet follower. I hardly ever commented. I need to feel really comfortable with someone before I reach out & be vulnerable.

Chloe is loving, approachable & authentic.

Everything I hoped she would be.

Everything I needed.

I have a really abnormal history which caused a severe amount of emotional, mental and sexual trauma. It needed to be the perfect person who I felt would accept and help me grow into my true self.

I thought when I first started coaching that we would be diving into how to be successful. Little did I know the first couple months were deep healing.

She would ask… how I feel about my feelings? About my body? About pleasure & sensuality? How do I feel in my relationships with people? To fun? To adventure? To …. life?

I’d respond, “I feel separate.”

I had done a lot of work healing my mental and emotional state after complete identity loss, but many of the problems keeping me stuck were embedded far in my spirit & body. I would never have been able to dig them up alone.

Chloe was absolutely invaluable in repairing my relationship to… everything. I am forever thankful for her coaching and multiple programs she included me in.

My ego was seeking success. But my soul was seeking wholeness and healing.

Under her guidance, care, and expertise I am finally blooming along with my art.

These 6 months have been incredibly transformative – I am forever grateful for the opportunity to rise to my higher self.

The work of a great coach is not only life changing, but life saving. ❤🙏🏻