Meet The Artist

“It takes time for the artist to find their style. To discover themselves. To build skills. To find their worthiness and confidence in the art world. However, art careers aren’t like other careers – we fall in love with the art, but the artist is often a part of the package.”

Sarah Tomlinson

Sarah Tomlinson discovered her talent and passion for art over 3 years ago and has been avidly creating ever since!

Sarah is a survivor of Domestic Violence. She believes that art has the power to transform and heal identities through the constant expression and inspiration it provides. Her experience healing and building herself back from abuse fuels her passion and mission behind art for women’s empowerment. Sarah found her purpose for raising awareness for the prevention of Domestic Violence (or Intimate Partner Abuse) and shares about the topic regularly on her social media. 

Before becoming an artist, Sarah was a high school teacher. She taught for 10 years in under-privileged schools in the subjects of Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Sarah has a combination Bachelor of Science degree in the fields of Chemistry and Biology. She also has a second Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Mathematics. Sarah has a rare combination of both left brain (analytical) & right brain (creativity) dominance! This shows up in her artwork with a love of fine details, geometry, swirls – all tied together with flowy loose linework.

“The Girl with many Secrets” is Sarah’s inner spirit who expresses herself through art. With intuitive guidance, this inner spirit helps birth her art into the world. Through daily meditation, grounding, gratitude, and feeling – Sarah is guided to techniques and colors to best express the energy and soul of woman being painted. 

In much of her work, Sarah has a characteristic line work style with flowy lines and movement. Sarah loves to capture the energy of the world in each painting. Sarah has synesthesia, a visual gift of seeing colorful lines on ordinary objects in the world. This comes to play in her art by seeing color lines and patterns before they are painted. 

Sarah currently lives with her parents and rescued cat in Vancouver, Canada. She is an animal lover and donates regularly to animal shelters. Sarah also enjoys nature, yoga, dance, reading and fitness. 

Art inspires.

Art motivates.

Art grounds us.

Art comforts.

Art heals.

Art expands consciousness.

Art offers perspectives and ideas that weren’t there before.

Art is a reflection of deeper human nature.

Art is a cornerstone of society and it’s an honour to perpetuate that through history.

And simply, art makes people feel better. That’s enough.

Sarah Tomlinson

Inspire. Empower. Heal


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